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Resistance Welding spare Parts and Consumables

At Merlin Control Systems Ltd, we aim to be the only place you need to visit for all of your welding machine spares.

Some of the items we are able to offer are:

Schlatter Spares
TAGS Used Copper; laminated shunts, water cooled cables, air cooled cables, kickless, electrodes, CCZ, CCNB, copper bar, electrode caps, electrode tips, schlatter, IDEAL, EVG, Clifford, weld press, transformers, resistance welding, spot welding, mesh welding, projection welding, butt welding, weld controllers, weld timers, jumper cables, electrode holders, BS807,
and much, much more. Please call to discuss your requirements.
Schlatter spares are a speciality, we are able to supply all items such as:
  • Laminated Shunts
  • Air Cooled Cables
  • Water Cooled Cables
  • Kickless Cables
  • Spot Welding Tips
  • Electrode Holders
  • Welding Controllers
  • Thyristors
  • Seam Welding Wheels
  • Weld Cylinders
  • Magnet Assemblies
  • Gripper Units
  • Transformers

  • welding cylinders
  • grippers
  • magnets
  • bottom electrode holders (all types)

Problems with your advance cranks? We specialise in replacing them with a CNC servo in-feed system.
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