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Resistance welding control systems, spare parts and timers

Weld Controllers

Merlin Control Systems design and manufacture a range of accurate, reliable and cost-effective controllers for resistance welding machines of all kinds, including spot and projection welders, seam welders, wire butt welders, high-speed contact welders, and specials, with a power against time profile for applications such as grating welding.

These units are microprocessor based, and designed for ease of use by unskilled staff. All standard units have eight internally stored sets of weld parameters (welding programs), one of which is selected for use by bcd coded inputs, either from a manual switch, or from a PLC.

Three primary types are available. The basic model, intended for front panel mounting, has only two pushbuttons, and an LED display. The operator is guided through a simple set-up proceedure to input his required weld settings for all eight programs. This is ideal for simple, manually operated machines

Our next model, with similar functionality, includes an RS232 serial interface, and is intended to be internally mounted on the DIN rail of a control cabinet - no metalwork required. All the same features and options are available, but welding parameters are downloaded from a PLC or HMI screen, as required. Perfect for more complex, automated machines, this allows for large numbers of parameters to be
stored in the PLC's memory, and downloaded as required.

In 2009, we launched our latest PWCx3 unit, one controller that can be used for individual control of three separate transformers on a multi-transformer machine, or which can be configured for a 3 phase DC or poly-phase welding machine.
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