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Repairs and upgrades for industrial machinery

Upgrade with new controls.

Maintenance of expensive and vital production equipment can be a thorn in the side of any business. Mechanical parts, which are relatively easy to identify, can be replaced or refurbished  by skilled maintenance staff. Electrical or electronic equipment can be more difficult to troubleshoot, and in the case of complex systems, require specialised skills. Additionally, the rapid pace of electronic development can mean that control equipment often becomes obsolete earlier than the mechanical parts of the machine. However, such equipment can be given a new lease of reliable and efficient productive life, by replacing the control system.

Merlin Control Systems are adept at upgrading equipment by retro-fitting new control systems. Work can be done against a fixed price, quoted in advance to a schedule as defined by the customer.

Smaller machines can be sent to our workshops for overhaul and refit. For larger machines or processes, or where production down time has to be minimised, the upgrade can be done at your works.

Costs can be reduced by retaining existing panel cabinets and external cabling, and installing new back plates or internal chassis plates, on which is mounted the new equipment.

Relays, timers and contactors in the first picture were replaced by the PLC system in the second.
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