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Motor controls, energy saving systems and servo drives

Energy Saving : Motor and Inverter systems

With the ever-rising costs of energy, and environmental concerns, each and everyone needs to be aware of the need to conserve energy. The commonly used electric induction motor, although reasonably efficient in itself, offers considerable scope for energy savings by controlling its speed and power by using an electronic inverter. Even relatively old motors can be made to run more efficiently. However, new energy efficient electric motors are also readily available, which can offer significant savings in overall running costs.

Merlin Control Systems Ltd can provide and install equipment to maximise the efficient use of energy, by ensuring that motors, pumps, heating and ventilation systems run only at pre-determined times and at controlled power levels.

It is also possible to regenerate energy under shut-down or braking of multi-inverter installations, thereby saving even more.

Modern control equipment allows the user to identify and monitor energy consumption, and significantly reduces the running costs of electrical plant, so that a modest capital outlay can be quickly recouped, with steady and on-going savings generated thereafter.

Of course, it is not just energy that is saved. Equipment which is working more efficiently works less hard, lasts longer, and needs less maintenance.
Servo drives : precision and reliability.

Modern servo drives offer a level of speed, accuracy and efficiency that was unheard of a few years ago. Cost effective and reliable, servo drives offer huge benefits wherever there is a need to move parts or machinery with absolute precision.

In some areas there can be many advantages over using, for instance, pneumatic actuators; servos are vastly more accurate, faster, can be set to move to different positions within a program, and, with adjustable acceleration and deceleration profiles, can be much gentler on a machine or product.

Again, there can be energy saving advantages. The servo only draws power when it is needed, there are no air leaks to worry about, and no need to have expensive, noisy and inefficient compressors running to supply the motive power.
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