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Bespoke electrical panel design, build and install

Merlin Control Systems Ltd will undertake design and build of electrical cabinets to customer's requirements. If you require new equipment for a process or a machine, or are living with electrical cabinets which are obsolete, troublesome, or simply just not good enough, we can quickly and cost-effectively design and build new equipment to suit. We are happy to use customer-specified hardware, incorporating it into a finished and working system.

Panels can be of any type; sophisticated PLC equipment, electrical distribution, or simple relay and contactor controls. We will also build electrical cabinets to your drawings, one-off or small batch production. We use only high quality components from the industry leaders, with detailed attention paid to layout, build quality, cable numbering etc.

Panels will be tested to an agreed schedule in our works, and can also be commissioned on site as required.

Our range of CAD software enables us to supply detailed and accurate drawings for customer records and support.

Sales of used wireworking and welding machines - Sales of used Schlatter machines
New control systems as upgrades and modernisation of existing plant and machines

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