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Automation and control systems for industrial plant and machinery

The competitive environment in which businesses of whatever type now find themselves, leaves no room for mediocrity. Efficiency and quality are essential to survival, let alone profitability. Process automation, when correctly implemented, can boost the bottom line by reducing costs, removing variables, speeding up processes, maximising efficiency, and minimising down-time.

Merlin Control Systems Ltd can help you identify and implement the correct solutions for your business. We are able to specify equipment for your project, or can abide by your in-house standards, where appropriate, taking the project right through from first the first concept of your requirements, to finished, working equipment of the highest standard.

We are pleased to be accredited to ISO9001, and, due to our considerable experience with Mitsubishi Electric and their range of excellent control equipment, are an approved Mitsubishi "Solution Provider".

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We are also pleased to have worked with equipment from most major manufacturers, particularly Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Omron, Panasonic NAIS, Bosch Rexroth, plus many others.

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Sales of used wireworking and welding machines - Sales of used Schlatter machines - New control systems as upgrades and modernisation of existing plant and machines

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