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Recent Projects

Some recent projects :-
O Mesh welding machines more than forty different projects providing new PLC control system with HMI screen, weld controls and servo drives. Machines by Schlatter, EVG, Jaeger, Froma and Clifford.

O Servo upgrade for piston ring cropping machine.

O Servo systems for resin impregnation machines.

O Automatic pig feeding system, dual mix, controlled by animal age - 2000 very satisfied customers !

O Chrome plating line, control of plating current, temperature and time.

O Tool change system for CNC machining centre, new PLC system for CNC machine.

O Special purpose resistance welding control and monitoring applications
( numerous )

O New or updated safety systems for a wide variety of machines.

O Power press systems - servo positioning of exit conveyors.

O PLC & HMI control of wire cutting and straightening machines, bending and forming machines.

O Automatic product measuring and identification system for domestic central heating radiators.

O Building control centre for heating, lighting and burglar alarm.

O Identification system for car engine camshafts.

O Test rigs for electrical switches and motors, under load conditions.

O Electrical control panels for motors and conveyors, energy saving applications using inverters (numerous)

O Roll feed system for high speed steel wire advance with PLC and servo.

O Complete control panels for control of production plant for bio-diesel fuel.

O New control panel for automatic machining centre for central heating pumps.

O New control panel for the assembly of motor stators.

O Control systems for ( many ) automated mobile shelving applications.

O Automated motor test station.

O Test and identification equipment for DALI lighting systems.

O New control panel for large blow moulding machine
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